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The Lord opened the doors for Orchard Baptist Church LV and provided us a place to start meeting in November 2013. Every day we strive to answer the call from our Lord to reach others for Him. This is not just locally, but internationally.  We work at doing this by dedicating ourselves to prayer, worship, the study and application of God's Word, and helping in any way we can in our community and world in Jesus' name.   One way we do this is by offering both evangelistic and discipleship material through our website and Facebook page at absolutely no cost.


As a church, we study ALL of the Bible and focus on the application of the Bible in our lives. Everybody is invited to join us for worship services.   As we are now live-streaming and posting the pastor’s sermons on-line, we truly are actively inviting people from all over the world to access our website and engage with us in worship of the Lord as we hear and see His Word preached and taught.  Our prayer is that you will come to know Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of your life.  That doesn’t mean just accept His offer of salvation and go to Heaven one day, but to seek to grow in your faith by following Him in obedience, studying His written Word allowing Him to talk to you spiritually and personally, and daily communicating back to Him in prayer. Jesus is our hope, peace, strength, joy, guidance, and salvation of our lives.  We are not here just to give you information, but to bring you in to an encounter with Jesus that will beautifully transform your life for your benefit and His glory.

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