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As of 1-2-22 we have 101 links on this page for you.  OBC does not fully endorse absolutely everything contained on every link, so "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."  1Th 5:21



APOLOGETICS WEBSITES    Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Dr. Gary R. Habermas - Online Resource for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (           Scholar on the historical resurrection       Ministry to Muslims

Is There Proof Outside of the Bible that Jesus Existed? - YouTube      Proof outside the Bible that Jesus existed




Passion - How Great Is Our God (World Edition) [feat. Chris Tomlin] - YouTube 

Awesome God by Michael W. Smith - lyrics - YouTube          Full version

Michael W Smith - Awesome God - YouTube

Majesty - YouTube

Love Found A Way - YouTube

Myrna White - Welcome Home, Children - YouTube

Big Daddy Weave - "Redeemed" (Official Music Video) - YouTube

I can only Imagine - Mercy Me (with lyrics) - YouTube

I believe by Tom Jones with lyrics - YouTube

Nicole C Mullen - My Tribute (To God be the Glory)/My Redeemer Lives.mp4 - YouTube

You Raise me Up - YouTube        (Wait for the audio to come in.)

Celtic Trio and Choir deliver Magical version of O Holy Night #oholynight #celtic '#irish - YouTube

He's Alive by Don Francisco - YouTube

Rise Again - Dallas Holm - YouTube




How do I make my church more welcoming? - YouTube    How to Make My Church More Welcoming

How to Host an Online Small Group and Virtual Bible Study - Rev     How to host an on-line Bible study

How To Welcome Visitors At Church - YouTube      Welcoming visitors

The New Jerusalem - Jesus Christ's 1000 Year Reign - The Great White Throne Judgment - YouTube        The New Jerusalem - Christ's 1,000 Year Reign - Great White Throne Judgment

The Simpsons Rapture Episode Spoke Volumes - YouTube       Learning from the errors of the Simpsons

Steve Harvey Introduction to Christ - YouTube    Take this for what it's worth.       1Th 5:21

Tabernacle of Moses - YouTube        The building of the Tabernacle                                                                              (This is more interesting than just reading about it.)

Young Jesus Tested by Rabbi - YouTube        Young Jesus tested by a rabbi



SCIENTIFIC AND RELIGIOUS SITES    Listen to any verse in KJV Bible                To access the site of the SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION

Bible Search and Study Tools - Blue Letter Bible     Searches for Bible verses you enter        Variety of Christian helps  Archaeology backing the Bible              Resources for Bible study    Evangelistic DVD/live action superhero  Their host is   Free sermon resources    Christian Coalition     Pastoral resources     Show Jesus in Passover     Bible, Games, Singles, Etc.)   Various categories where questions are answered   Christian Resources   Resources    Where churches can be found

CJF Ministries | Messianic Perspectives - Making Messiah Known to the Jewish People    Women of Faith, ISP filter for Internet

Comprehensive Overview of the Bible Commentaries available FREELY on!                                               Commentaries labeled "Calvinistic" or "Armenian"   Many Christian resources

Evangelistic Outreach | Greg Merrill World Wide Christian Ministry (                                          Pastor Greg Merrill's "Focusing on Jesus" site   Ray Comfort video on Evolution vs. God

Ex-mormon Christians United For Jesus - Ministering To Mormons (      Witnessing to Mormons    James Dobson

Home - The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (          Great resources and Jewish perspective

Gideons International | Let's spread the good news      Distributing God's Word around the world.    God and Science   Christian answer to youtube   Answers to questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, theology   Multiple sites given on this   Institute for Creation Research    Independent Fundamental Churches   IFCA So.Ca. Regional   Science subjects   Metropolitan Community Church resources    Basic Christianity

TheJesusMap_download.pdf (     Following Jesus' Life on the Maps   Of Jewish interest

Large Print Bible - Read King James Version Online (     Larger print Bible          Bible/book repair, rebinding   Nick Vujicic inspirational website    Notable Christian speakers/leaders

Orchard Baptist Church - YouTube        Great resource of videos!!!    Radio Bible Class (Our Daily Bread, etc)        Scientific apologetics    Religious news articles   Roloff main site                    Various religious sites   Counseling    Stories and illustrations     News from a Christian perspective    Ministry for troubled teens

Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee | Home (       The ministry of J. Vernon McGee   The Christian answer to "Snopes"    Refutes Mormonism    Sermon resource

WallBuilders And David Barton       David Barton and America's Christian heritage

Wycliffe Bible Translators | Christian Mission Organizations | Wycliffe Bible Translators      Translating the Bible for the world.




We have been getting a number of requests from drug rehab organizations and the like to add their link to this page.    As a "spiritual" site, OBC should take the stand that addiction is not really a disease, nor is it just a psychological disorder, but the foundational problem is spiritual.  Though we have a few drug and alcohol related sites on our webpage, we have been denying these other requests and will not be accepting future requests, as we are not in the business of putting the focus on what solutions people (drug rehab orgs and the like) offer addicts, but on what God offers.    Free email greeting cards

"It's Already Too Late, I Can't Hide It Anymore" | Edward Snowden (2021) - YouTube                               Edward Snowden explaining concerns about the Internet      Click to feed one person a day     Drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers     Anti-virus information    Hoaxes

free online translations all languages - Bing         Translate into all the different languages   Encyclopedia & current news stories.                                                                            Drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers